Matthew Cheung

I'm Matthew and I am 16. I'm from Hong Kong and I go to school in Northern Ireland. I find studying in a different environment quite enjoyable.


I enjoy working out, listening to music and also playing the guitar - but I'm still improving. I find playing an instrument really fun, it's like I can have a pause with whatever is going on and just enjoy the moment. Similarly, working out is another activity that relieves me of stress.


As an incurable generalist, Ken strives toward the seductive but hopeless objective of knowing something about everything. His intellectual pursuits include history, horticulture, natural and computer programming languages, politics, astronomy, physics, music, and mathematics. Philosophically aligned with veganism, feminism, and scientific rationalism, he lives sustainably in the liberal utopia of Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Jenna Storey

I’m Jenna Storey. I am a full-time student from Northern Ireland. I am currently going into my first year of A Levels.


In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading and doing landscape/city photography. I only started running recently but it is surprisingly enjoyable. I am no Charlotte Purdue just yet, but I think it is a good hobby to have as it helps to provide a healthy lifestyle. One of the benefits I have while running is that I can run beside the ocean on a coastal route which is really peaceful when you can hear the waves crashing on the sand, and the views are always amazing, despite the weather - which is normally horrendous in Northern Ireland.

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Ben Holman

My name is Ben, I'm 18 years old and I live in Ireland. I'm quite a spiritual person; I believe there is more to life than meets the eye. Primarily I take from Christian virtues, I believe in Jesus as Christ and I try to apply his morals to my everyday life. I am also interested in philosophy and psychology, so I like to take guidance from various philosophers/psychologists which I find in my research. I like to constantly challenge and question my beliefs and morals, in order to keep them fresh and genuine.

I am passionate about cinema. I try to watch a new film every day, and I love to study the process and the history of filmaking. I especially love weird/surreal cinema. Some of my favourite directors are Yorgos Lanthimos, the Coen brothers and Stanley Kubrick (among many others!) Charlie Kaufman is my favourite screenwriter. I hope to someday write a screenplay or direct a film - or both!

I am particularly interested in acting, and hope to "make it" as an actor someday. I have performed in four different plays, and loved every second of each one. I hope to study drama and theatre in College next year.

I am also passionate about music. I play the drums and the trumpet (rather amateurly) and I sing. I am the lead singer in a band called 'When Pigs Fly.' We busk and we have played a few gigs. We hope to play many more in the future. I write most of the lyrics and some of the melodies, but generally the music is left up to our guitarist. I hope, over the summer, to learn the piano/guitar well enough to be able to play on stage.

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Cara Beth

A Singer Songwriter, getting started with her journey.

I’m Cara Beth, a 17 year old Singer Songwriter from Co. Down, Northern Ireland. I play guitar alongside some other instruments and have for around 6 years and I have written songs for about a year and a half. My first song “crossfire” came out in 2018 and my latest song “Another Floor” came out around a month ago. I am currently going into my final year of sixth form before hopefully going to study music at university. I have played little markets in Belfast right through to Belfast Cathedral. I have also recently become the co-founder of a young musicians open mic called “harbour Unplugged” which runs once a month and I get to sing in it from time to time. I draw influence from Snow Patrol, Ryan McMullan and Nothing But Thieves.

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